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Beanies for men are becoming more and more fashionable. In addition to keeping you warm, they are trendy ! On Footkorner , discover the different styles, materials and brands available. They allow you to brave the storms with style .

How to choose your hat?

When buying a hat, it is important to pay attention to its fabric! For example, if you are looking for a beanie for mid-season , we advise you to opt for an organic cotton. Lightweight and breathable, it won't keep you too hot.

Conversely, for cold temperatures, nothing beats the quality of Merino wool . A waterproof, comfortable and warm material, it will protect you from cold winds and winter drizzles.

The advantage of a wool beanie , apart from its softness, is its insulating and breathable material which allows you to stay dry while wicking away moisture.

For optimal protection, I advise you to think about your ears and take a fairly long cap that covers them.

4 Types of beanies for men

Here is a list of the most popular beanies for men which, of course, are endorsed by Footkorner .

  1. Cuffed beanies, the classic

These are the classic beanies par excellence! Fun fact, they became popular thanks to Rocky. The reverse provides double protection to your forehead and ears.

You can find this model with the FK basic brand and in several colors. One size fits everyone and its wool design protects you from the cold .

  1. Fisherman's hat

This contemporary style is inspired by the woolen caps worn by fishermen. They are usually short and do not cover the ears. It's more of a fashion accessory , as it doesn't keep you warm, we advise you to wear it in mid-season.

For this category we offer the brand Comme des loups , because they are elegant and are available in several colors.

In addition, you can easily combine it with tracksuits from the same range.

  1. Explorer's Hat

For this category of mountain sports and travel, the Napapijri Faro Beanie is the iconic trend par excellence. Its manufacture was inspired by the aesthetics of the great expeditions of the last century. It has therefore been designed for all weather conditions, even the most unpredictable. This hat is therefore ideal for your weekends in the snow or your next road trip in the Nordic countries.

If you are also looking for a jacket, you can combine this beanie with the Napapijri Rainforest anorak .

  1. The supporters hat

Do you want to attend an important football match and wear your team's colors while being warm? It's entirely possible ! This Chelsea beanie is a must -have and “ must have ” for supporters.

Knitted fabric and Dri-Fit technology provide warmth and keep you toasty while wicking away moisture.

Fan to the end? Wear your beanie proudly with the Chelsea Travel pants ! You are ready to go to the stadium.

How to wear a beanie?

It all depends on your hairstyle! If you have long hair, it is better to adopt a long or soft hat that does not have a cuff in order to wear it high on your forehead.

If you have curly hair, opt for a loose cap so as not to damage the curls. If you are a man with short hair or bald, the fisherman or cuffed beanie is ideal for you!

Now that you know how to choose your beanie, all you have to do is choose it from our extensive catalog. You can't find it or it's out of stock, don't hesitate to call our team !