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neck warmer

The neck warmer is a useful accessory that protects and is becoming more and more fashionable . Whether you use it for sports activities, in the mountains or simply to protect yourself, it is an indispensable element . Discover our different models.

Why use a neck warmer?

The neck warmer is generally used when skiing or in cold destinations to protect against the wind or the cold . It is also essential when traveling on two wheels. The neck cover allows you to avoid a big shock in the event of an accident or to protect you against certain diseases .

Whether fleece or cotton, it will protect you in both cases. You can also choose the model of your neck warmer. Know that the scarf model is among the most popular.

Warm and stylish protection

It must be said, all means are good to stay trendy and to be warm ! This is why the neck warmer has become popular ! As you can use it in different ways, you can make it your own in any style you want.

Be careful, however, to choose the right material! If, for example, you take wool, you will quickly regret it. It is a material that tends to swell very quickly on contact with rain. This feeling of humidity may cause you allergies, but you will also be cold. For this we recommend cotton or fleece which is made of a light fabric but which offers optimal warmth .

The best neck warmers

To help you in your choice, Footkorner has selected the best neck warmers of the year.

Nike Snood Dri-FIT neck warmer

Go out this winter with the Nike Snood Dri-Fit neck warmer ! This shape covers your face and neck and hangs behind your ears. At the back you will find a drawstring that will allow you to adjust the fit of the snood.

Made of fleece with DRI-FIT technology , it helps keep you warm while wicking sweat away from your skin . You even have a built-in mesh at mouth height so you can talk quietly.

Little extra: with these touches of yellow and blue, it is colorful and trendy!

Nike Dri-FIT Strike Neck Warmer

Like the Dri-Fit Snood, the Nike Dri-Fit Strike Neck Warmer has the same shape and attaches the same way. However, it is made of recycled polyester and a soft fleece fabric that retains heat, protects from the cold but is breathable . It therefore allows perspiration to be evacuated.

You will find it in sizes S/M and L/XL in a beautiful mineral slate color (in green tones). You can very well wear it with the black PSG GFA Fleece pants and Asics Gel Quantum 360 6 sneakers .

Nike Dri-FIT Winter Warrior Neck Warmer

The Nike Dri-Fit Winter Warrior Neck Warmer is made from cotton and has stretchy fabric that conforms to your face. Also equipped with Dri-Fit technology, it offers you optimal warmth and comfort for the coldest days.

One size fits all, you can wear it as you like. In a beautiful blue with the Nike logo in yellow, you can combine it with the clothes you want. We recommend, however, the black & yellow Chelsea Strike training top and pants .

For those who prefer full-head gear, you have the option of the FK Basic hood .

Thanks to Footkorner 's varied collection , all you have to do is choose the neck warmer that suits you! Feel free to show us the selection you have chosen.