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When we talk about sports equipment , we often think of shoes, anti-heating socks or clothing with specific technology. However, the majority of the time, we forget the hands! However, whether for specific or generic sports, they are just as much in demand. It is therefore important to protect your hands with gloves .

The benefits of wearing gloves

Wearing gloves is not just for being stylish, there are several advantages.

Gloves protect your hands

Whether in cold weather or for a sporting activity, the primary use of gloves is to protect your hands. It is important not to damage your skin. We advise you to choose gloves that wick away perspiration .

For the circuits or the motorcycle, it is even an essential and a double safety in the event of an accident.

They keep you from getting sick

It's true that you don't necessarily think about it, but the glove acts as a barrier between germs and you. You just have to remember to wash them regularly in hot water.

They give you some stability

For example, when lifting weights, if you use synthetic gloves , you will have a better grip (no risk of the weights slipping through your hands!) and a better grip on the bar .

When should gloves be worn?

There are some sports where you won't have a choice. For example, you must wear gloves in the following activities:

  • Boxing;
  • Fitness & Bodybuilding;
  • Skiing;
  • Motorcycle driving;
  • sanda;
  • Muay Thai.

Depending on the chosen activity, you have to be careful to choose your gloves wisely . The following characteristics must be taken into account:

  • Padded to protect the palms of your hands;
  • Adherent for a good grip;
  • Ventilated so they are breathable and comfortable;
  • Just the right size for them to work perfectly (they should feel like a second skin).

Adidas brand Juventus

Take the opportunity to encourage your favorite team with accessories in the colors of the famous Italian club. An eco-responsible brand that helps reduce waste and manufactures equipment with maximum comfort to meet the needs of athletes.

Adidas Juventus gloves

On our Footkorner site , you can find the famous Adidas Juventus gloves which are made of a soft and stretchy material . As you can see, you have the “J” in the avant-garde Juventus logo to display your passion for this brand!

The biggest advantage of these gloves is its special design ! Indeed, they have been made in such a way that you can use your phone without taking them off! A great first, no need to freeze your hands to send messages.

Product details

The features to keep in mind are:

  • 93% polyacrylic mesh;
  • Ribbed cuff;
  • Conductive index and thumb tips for all-purpose use on touch screens;
  • Juventus woven crest;
  • Product color: black and white.

You can find them in sizes S/M and L. Simple to maintain, you just have to avoid using fabric softener.

Simple and elegant, you can wear them in the gym with the Real Madrid black and pink training pants.

Gloves are the finishing touch to your equipment and essential protection for your hands. Both comfortable, stylish, warm and reassuring. Do you need advice ? Do not hesitate to contact our team .