Child Gloves

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Child Gloves

In cold weather, children's gloves are important allies. They protect the hands of your little ones while remaining an essential fashion accessory. Sportswear gloves are the ideal accessory for children so that they can have fun in complete safety with their friends without catching a cold.

How are children's gloves made?

To understand how to choose an effective glove and to keep your little hands warm, you have to understand how it is made.

Gloves for outdoor activities during winter generally consist of 2 essential layers :

  • The outer layer protects the hands from external aggressions such as humidity, rain, snow, cold air but also shocks and cuts. The outer layer is thus protective, protecting the hands of young children while insulating them.

  • The role of the inner layer is to keep hands warm and regulate body temperature while minimizing moisture.

These two layers each have different roles but they are complementary to ensure the well-being of your children's hands .

Synthetic children's gloves

Synthetic children's gloves are the most common and work well in most situations. These gloves are generally inexpensive, lightweight, and effective for regular outdoor use.

The main advantage of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester is that they offer excellent protection against external humidity. This is the case with The North Face's Gore-Tex, which is a waterproof technical textile .

Children's leather gloves

Leather is a very effective insulating material, but it fears moisture. Therefore, leather gloves are ideal for dry conditions or extremely cold weather. In this case, the humidity is very limited and the leather keeps your hands warm . Its natural touch is also very pleasant.

Note that if you use leather gloves in wet weather, they still insulate as long as they don't get too wet. If you fall frequently or come into contact with snow, they absorb moisture and quickly transmit the feeling of cold. Leather gloves take a long time to dry.

Heated children's gloves

Heated children 's gloves are a real highlight in the world of gloves, especially ski gloves.

Powered by an external battery, this new generation of gloves heats your hands thanks to resistors placed inside the glove. Children love them because they feel unique and can play without worrying for a second that their hands will get cold. Thanks to the integrated action button, children can warm up their fingers whenever they want.

What to buy between mittens or gloves for children?

For the majority of outdoor activities, the glove offers more mobility . Unlike mittens, these allow children plenty of flexibility to play on the playground. Mittens , on the other hand, are ideal for keeping toddlers' hands warmer faster and longer during more static activities. .

On Foot Korner , we offer synthetic sportswear gloves from The North Face brand or heated gloves . These types of gloves are the most suitable for children who like to play outside even during long winter periods. The only thing left for you to do is buy the glove with the design that will compliment any streetwear outfit your kid has.