The Coq Sportif

The Coq Sportif

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The Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif is today a world reference thanks to its know-how of more than 130 years. The famous French brand has evolved and offers a carefully created clothing collection. It aims for elegance and performance for athletes. It is a safe bet adopted by many football clubs and Footkorner .

Le Coq Sportif: the French brand par excellence

It was in 1882 that Émile Camuset, creator of the brand, decided to use the know-how of hosiery to create sportswear for the football clubs in his region, Aube. It was the spark that gave birth to the world's first sportswear brand . In 1929, the clothing brand le Coq Sportif was born. Its objectives are:

  • To cultivate national symbols such as the rooster and the colors of the flag;
  • To transmit through its equipment the pleasure of playing and the joy of living inseparable from sport and football in particular.

Be proud to be part of this heritage with the Tricolore collection . Blue, white and red lines criss-cross sportswear with a sleek and timeless design. The patterns run across the chest, along the shoulder or the neckline. Here is a neat cut for the comfort of athletes . And here is the signature of the French flagship brand at Footkorner :

  • Sweatshirt;
  • Hoodie ;
  • jogging pants ;
  • T Shirts .

All these models are available in black, white or red.

The season collection plays with the three national colors in a playful way. It subtly recalls the values ​​in a more contemporary design .

  • Shorts ;
  • t shirt ;
  • Hoodie ;
  • Jogging pants .

The Season 2 collection composes with more innovative colors such as yellow.

Slip into the black bodywarmer after training. Both warm and light, it is the perfect complement to your coordinated equipment .

Le coq sportif: an international aura

Find our rooster in many countries and on our Footkorner site!

The brand ambassador rooster

Recognized throughout the world, we find the figure of the rooster on the jerseys of Argentina or Italy , both world football champions. Not to mention the legendary AS Saint-Étienne football team that the oldest remember. If you are supporters of the indomitable lions of Cameroon , let yourself be tempted by the 2022 green tracksuit jacket.

With the Coq Sportif, you are sure not to go wrong. Elegance and quality are at the rendezvous. His creations of urban sportswear , with a modern look, seduce. The sobriety of the Essentials collection bears witness to this. The silhouette is sharpened thanks to impeccably fitted cuts. The models are available in blue, black, white or red and display the discreet logo of the rooster on the heart.

A commitment for future generations

The brand has chosen responsible and ethical sports fashion . This is why it centralizes its production in Morocco and Europe to limit its ecological footprint. The le coq sportif brand wants to make the world of sport aware of environmental issues.

It is important for her to pass on her values ​​to the new generation . Combed cotton yarns are carefully selected and dyed in France. This commitment is mainly linked to local and human know-how. The quality and solidity of his clothes make them a safe bet .

The beautiful history of the brand has recently been rewritten. Indeed, 100 years after its collaboration at the 1924 Olympic Games, its know-how is once again rewarded. It is selected as equipment supplier for French athletes at the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024 , vibrate with Footkorner !