Under Armor Shoes

Under Armor Shoes

Under Armour: innovative shoes for athletes

Thanks to Under Armor , the way athletes wear shoes has been completely redesigned. This brand dedicated to performance continues to innovate to design everything the athlete needs . With the aim of boost your abilities and bring together all the conditions to beat your records, it develops products of high quality and foolproof comfort.

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Under Armour: a brand at your service

The priority of the Under Armor brand is to rethink athletes' equipment, so that it offers a large number of advantages. Innovative materials are used, such as unique blends of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers. Thanks to these antiperspirant technologies , you can perform in complete freedom while staying dry.

The shapes and designs of each item are developed with the aim of allowing maximum range of movement. You can fully express your abilities without embarrassment and without restrictions. Learn more about Under Armor's innovations over the years, go to the brand's official website.

Professional sports equipment

Under Armor is a brand renowned for its seriousness and dedication to the world of sport. Today, the items it offers come in many shapes and colors so that everyone can find the ideal equipment.

Under Armor is a partner of many high-level sports clubs. The Wales rugby union team and the Tottenham and Borussia Dortmund football clubs are some emblematic examples of these collaborations.

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Under Armour: shoes designed for running

The best tool for most athletes is a pair of shoes adapted to their practice . At Under Armour , the priority is to offer sneakers that absorb impact optimally in order to defy gravity. Innovative materials like UA HOVR are used to return the energy of each step to give you height.

Rediscover the sensations of running with one of our many pairs of Under Armor sneakers:

  • Charged Rogue 2.5 black and gray ;
  • Under Armor UA HOVR Machina 3 sneakers ;
  • Under Armor Infinite 3 Camo green sneakers ;
  • Charged Bandit Trail 2 green ;
  • Under Armor UA HOVR Infinite 4 sneakers ;
  • Etc.

Essential accessories to pair with your Under Armor shoes

To protect yourself from the sun, the cold, store your spare belongings or optimize your comfort, certain accessories are essential.

Under Armor offers a large number of them to meet all the needs of an athlete's day:

  • Black Under Armor stretch cap ;
  • Under Armor Blitzing 2.0 green cap ;
  • Pack of three pairs of black Under Armor knee-high socks ;
  • Red Under Armor cap ;
  • Etc.

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Now that you are more familiar with the Under Armor brand and the quality footwear on offer, browse our wide range of innovative items.

Strengthen your capabilities and become more efficient thanks to equipment designed by experts with the sole aim of achieving your most difficult objectives in optimal conditions.

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