Children's Caps

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Children's Caps

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Children's Caps

During beautiful sunny days, the hat is replaced by the children's cap ! This accessory is not only used to protect the little ones from the sun, but also to make them feel stylish. On Foot Korner , you will find a wide range of sportswear caps for children as well as many brands such as Nike, Adidas, Ellesse, Sergio Tacchini and even their favorite football clubs .

Cap for children: the trendy accessory

As a child, wearing a cap is crucial to protect your head from the sun. A child never sits still, because he wants to let off steam with his friends. On sunny days, children's caps are therefore ideal for protecting their eyes from the sun's rays. But not only, this fashion accessory for children is much more stylish than any hat.

Whether it's to go to school, to sport or to play in the neighborhood City, the children's cap accompanies them everywhere in their outdoor activities. The cap for boys is appreciated by little ones who want to feel comfortable while being trendy. And caps for girls are practical, because in addition to protecting them from the sun, they prevent them from getting their hair in their eyes at the slightest gust of wind.

Comfortable and unisex caps for children

Foot Korner 's goal is to provide suitable headgear for the whole family. For men , women or children , you will find your happiness to establish your sportswear style .

Most of our kids caps are comfortable , they are made of cotton and polyester for a high quality look. Plus, the adjustable back gives your child proper support and a head-hugging fit.

Choose from many different color options, including traditional options such as black, white, navy or gray. Or choose more unique colors like green, light blue, red or yellow.

Measure your child's head circumference

Knowing a child's build can help them buy the right size for their cap. Indeed, it is important to take into account the circumference of the child's head before buying a cap . Some brands offer one size fits all children based on their age and others offer a dot or strap adjustment system.

To measure your child 's head circumference , you can use a string. Simply wrap it around his head about an inch above his eyebrows to measure the circumference of his head . Then, transfer this circumference on a ruler to determine the exact measurements of it.

There are different sizes of children's caps that are available on our site. In general, the size of caps for:

  • Children under 10 years old oscillate between 48 to 50 centimeters;
  • Children over 10 years old between 51 and 53 centimeters;
  • Pre -teens over 13 years old between 54 and 55 centimeters.

Finally, no matter the morphology or the age of your child, you will find the ideal cap among our selection of caps for children .

Find the children's cap from their favorite brand, favorite team or favorite shape. On Foot Korner , we bring together the best sportswear brands to ensure you a look in tune with the times.