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Asics children's shoes

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Asics children's shoes

Young athletes are well aware that comfort is important, but so is style! Therefore, young people want shoes that offer good stability, good support but also a sportswear style to enhance their clothing. For this, Foot Korner selects ASICS children's shoes that combine technology and style.

Asics shoes for children: duo of style and technique

Having become a leader in sportswear , the brand has not limited itself to technical research. Thanks to the extensive research carried out by Asics designers, the famous colorful models with original prints adapt perfectly to the morphology of the youngest.

Comfortable and technical sneakers

The creators of Asics technical children 's shoes know that children's feet are subject to a lot of stress. They therefore design trainers that are very comfortable, flexible and offer good support in order to provide maximum comfort and safety for children. Without neglecting the cushioning which is an important factor in avoiding shocks to the knees and spine.

Ultra solid Asics shoes

Asics shoes are popular with children, both young girls and young boys. They are colorful, have a very sporty look and are in tune with the times. On top of that, there's a reason these kids' shoes are popular with parents: they're durable and last a long time . They don't wear out quickly.

Indeed, children tend to run everywhere, jump, slip, fall during school breaks or outdoor outings with friends. It doesn't matter how hard Asics kids' shoes endure , because they're tough!

GEL technology

Not to mention that to protect your child's feet, GEL technology is of course available in some models of Asics sneakers and sports shoes for children . This technology reduces shocks and allows the little ones to perform sports exercises without any risk to their joints.

Asics shoes for girls

Some pairs of Asics shoes for young girls are available in sober colors: black, white or gray.

So hyped styles

Other styles are more modern and come in brighter colors:

  • Pink ;
  • Blue ;
  • Orange ;
  • Or multicolored.

There are pairs for every look!

Asics sneakers are thick but light. With their smooth and flat soles, this type of Asics sneakers are ideal for sports such as basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer which are often played on flat surfaces.

The Asics sneaker

The sole of the Asics sneaker is also perfect for outdoor activities such as cycling or running. The versatility of these sneakers allows them to be comfortable in all environments: grass, sand, asphalt, earth.

Without forgetting that it is also a popular shoe for short mountain hikes.

Asics shoes for boys

Most Asics shoes for boys have the same characteristics as the pairs dedicated to young girls. Very urban styles and models that are worn every day.

Low sneakers are very stylish. They are not designed for sport, but for the city. They are usually made of black or white faux leather and are easy to wear with jeans or chinos. Boys who choose these sneakers will be comfortable going to school, college or high school.

Boys' sneakers are so light they don't weigh you down, you barely feel them on your feet! On Foot Korner , enjoy the best models of Asics shoes for children !