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Children's Football Jackets

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Children's Football Jackets

The football jacket is the ideal ally for your child to spend a comfortable winter . Whether in the form of a down jacket or fleece , all styles are available. It is perfect for your little ones to resist the cold . It is available in different colors. You can find it at several brands , even your favorites. Discover our collection at FOOTKORNER .

Be trendy in a jacket

The first jacket appeared after the Second World War. At the time, the goal was to create a jacket that kept the wind out. More particularly when the means of locomotion have developed (motorcycle, car, etc.).

Nowadays, the jacket is no longer designed solely for this function. It comes in different styles and can be worn for any occasion . This is the case for the football jacket . As parents, your goal is for your little one to be comfortable even in the middle of winter. When the latter leaves for his football training , he must not fall ill.

The football jacket can come in different aspects and several colors are available. Discover them in black , blue or even red . Like Nike tracksuits for example, various clubs can be highlighted.

Whether your little one is a fan of PSG or OM , you will find what he needs. So, if the latter wishes to be in the stands, but also on the field, he will have just as much style. The jacket can be assembled with jogging , but also any other type of pants. It's up to your little one to choose what he prefers. Does he prefer to have a casual style ? Or a little dressier ?

All cuts are possible

When your child dresses, his clothes should be comfortable for him all day. And this, regardless of the season. But for his sports training , it is not always easy to find the top that suits him. It is important to combine well-being , comfort and maintaining body heat . Countering low temperatures and being comfortable outdoors on cold evenings is essential.

The majority of football jackets are more than enough. They are a perfect balance between:

  • Ideal thickness ;
  • Ease of movement ;
  • Preservation of body heat .

Which is an advantage to meet your child's different needs.

So that he does not mind wearing it, all cuts are created. There are down jackets , for example, with or without sleeves . Therefore, he can dress with a sweater or a thick sweatshirt underneath. But if the latter has trouble wearing several layers of clothing, that's not a problem. A football shirt followed by a voluminous jacket can largely do the trick.

The materials used such as polyester and nylon make it possible not to add additional weight . So, rain or shine, there's no need to swap the jacket for a special jacket .

This one is suitable for all weather. Most are waterproof and come with a hood . The drawstrings allow you to adjust the size . And as far as closure is concerned, there too you have a choice. With buttons or a zipper , it's up to you. In any case, it will be practical and easy to wear for young and old alike.

Do not hesitate to come and see our collection of football jackets for children . At FOOTKORNER , expanding your little ones' wardrobe for affordable prices is possible!