Kids Soccer Jerseys

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Kids Soccer Jerseys

the soccer is a very popular sport, especially among small . It can be exercised at all ages, because everyone can find their place. Goalkeeper, defender, attacking midfielder, all positions can be adopted by your children . But to do this, it is essential that they wear the jerseys which they like. Discover our range for children.

Jerseys for all teams

As we know, all the little ones have preferences and they dream of being big football players instead. soccer .

budding supporters

So when they wear the jerseys teams they love, they invest even more in their training . They are proud to represent their club prefer :

  • Juventus;
  • Barcelona;
  • France ;
  • Chelsea;
  • Or even PSG.

There is something for all tastes and all juniors. Of 6 to 15 years, you are sure to find the cut what your children need.

Revolutionary fabrics

Discover fabrics ultra breathable , used to avoid any discomfort in their tournaments. This is the case for the France Junior away team jersey 2022/2023 white in color. Playing in pleasant conditions is the aim of the brands . Not to mention that these are materials recycled such as polyester, which are employed. We therefore think of the well-being of the little ones, but also of the planet . What to make more than one happy. Thanks to this, they are happy to go and hit the ball on the ground and cheer for their club in the grandstands .

To each his own color

Many colors are already proposed according to the club that your child supports. But, even if the latter just enjoys football without necessarily training or having a favorite team, he will like our jerseys available in different colors.

The Juventus shirt

To give you an example, supporters of the Juventus wear brand jersey Adidas of color black . Two parallel bands on each shoulder enhance the neutral color of the entire top.

FC Barcelona shirt

For the team of FC Barcelona , ​​here are the three colors used:

  • Red ;
  • Light blue ;
  • And navy blue.

Here is the sign Nike who created it. It is perfect for both young men and young ladies.

The France team's pre-match jersey

And for children who are content only to support their country, nothing like the pre-match jersey for example of the team of France : Blue, white and red. Colors that represent our pretty flag and that everyone knows. It goes perfectly with the bottom of tracksuit that you desire.

The youngster is proud to walk with his high prefer. In addition, it is available with sleeves short , but also in sleeves long .

FC Barcelona junior training shirt 2022

Enjoy it FC Barcelona junior training top 2022/2023 . Deployed in shades of gray and black, the materials used are polyester and elastane. This is enough to effectively protect our young players!

Do not hesitate to come and see our collection of child soccer jerseys on our site FOOTKORNER . Make up your own mind and find what suits your little juniors best!